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3-Ring Heirloom Register Book

A Hand-made, heirloom quality register book with an included laser cut and engraved wooden box. A treasured keepsake that will last for generations.

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What is a Register Book?

Typically, a Register Book is a way to capture the names of people who attend funerals. They tend to be of low-quality with maybe a hint of personalization. We feel a Register Book should be so much more.

What should a Register Book be?

Most people at some point in their lives will want to know from where they came. Who were their ancestors? If they are lucky, their family keeps good genealogical records, but many don't - especially these days. If you've ever searched for church records and come upon brick walls, you know what we mean. Now, what if there was a book that was passed down from previous generations that not only has biographical information, like where your ancestor was born, who they married, who their children were, but it also had names and addresses of people who cared about them? What if it had photos to bring that history alive? And what if those photos had captions to put the images in context?

How is our Heirloom Register Book different?

We build our Heirloom Register Books from scratch using canvas, acid free paper and archival grade PVA glue. We use the thickest book board on the market, and assemble everything by hand using an old fashioned book press. To protect the book, we create a one-of-a-kind wooden box, with laser-cut finger joints and the name of your loved one engraved into the cover. And to ensure you can add more memories when you are ready, we build it with an industry standard 3-ring binder mechanism, so you don't need special tools to add more pages.

Your loved one made an impact that will echo through generations to come, and we believe it's important to honor that memory.

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Heirloom Register Book Frequently Asked Questions*

Q: How long does it take to make the register book?

A:  Because the Heirloom Register Book is hand-made and must be glued, we need 24 hours of curing time from approval. For example, if we get approval 12:00 PM Tuesday, it will be ready to ship Wednesday. We do not ship this product same day.

Q: Are other sizes available? What about other styles?

A:  We can produce other sizes, and other styles as well. We only need additional time.

Q: Can the program have different looks?

A: Yes. The programs and products you see on this page are part of our Victorian Hydrangea collection. We have many other Themes that we've developed and are adding new Themes all the time. We will also create a custom theme for you at no additional cost. Contact one of our designers to discuss your custom theme.

Q: Can we incorporate Translucent Paper like in the Luminous Programs?

A:  Yes, though additional fees may apply.



* For general Frequently Asked Questions, visit our FAQ page.