Frequently Asked Questions


How much does everything cost?

At Omega, we work with your funeral home to handle billing and shipping, and your funeral provider will have pricing information for you.


Can we deliver next day? What about same day?

Yes. There may be additional charges depending on when the order is placed. For same day delivery (only available in the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan area at this time) there is a rush fee.


What happens if my stationery is incorrect?

We require approval prior to printing and delivery. If there are errors in the finished product, we will reproduce it with corrections at the Additional Quantity rate.


Can we change a theme?

Absolutely. All of our work is completely custom. Minor changes on original themes are always accepted, and we will create a custom theme at no additional cost - but we do need time to make a new custom theme.


Can I get a copy of hi-resolution files to print on my own?

No. We will be happy to furnish you with low-resolution proofs. This artwork that we create is our intellectual property; more than that, it is our labor, our expertise, and our craft.


Is this photo large enough?

To ensure best quality, we ask that any photos you submit be scanned at 300 DPI for stationery, and 600 DPI for portraits. Please refer to your scanner manufacturer's references on scanning settings.


Do you do photo restoration?

Yes. We will restore the photo and provide you with a high-resolution file for you to keep. Please note that this high-resolution file does not include any of our original artwork.


Will you type my handwritten order of service?

Yes, and we will charge for typing at our current custom work rate, which is $100 per hour. We ask that any text you send is typed and submitted in a word document or text file.