Our Mission

We make extraordinary products to help people commemorate the most significant events in their lives.

We are more than a stationery company. We've brought together fantastic designers, cutting edge technology and traditional techniques to make products as unique as the people you love. Our mission is to help you heal and commemorate your loved one through the power of art.

Our Story

We've been in funeral service for almost 80 years. In this time, we've witnessed something amazing evolve that is a beautiful marriage of the demands of the bereaved and the willingness of funeral service practitioners to adapt. Put simply, it's personalization. With today's technology, it's easier than ever to have a personalized experience and the effects are profound.


When a family gets involved in personalizing the funeral, they come together. It helps the healing process in a powerful way. This is why we've created our company. When we work with a family to create custom commemorative products, families get an immense sense of satisfaction. They regain control during a period where they feel they have none. They work with our designers to create beautiful pieces of art that speak to their loved one's passions, the things that made them unique. When people attend the service and they see and feel this art, it reminds them of who this person was and their memory lives on.


Funeral stationary shouldn't be dull, generic and cheap. It should be beautiful, personal, and it should be produced in such a way that it can be handed down through generations. You can see this in our Register Books; beautiful, personal, and built with archival grade materials. You can see it in our Prayer Cards; laminated, full color, printed on quality paper. We even make hand-sewn books. We are continuously creating new products, new themes, new ideas. Take a look at our What's New section to keep abreast of our latest creations.


If you have a question, comment, or just want some help, please reach out to us.

Our Team


Diane Johnson, Senior Graphic Designer

With 32 years of experience in printing and design, working in corporate environments, as well as associations and freelancing; I have been fortunate to see the changes in the print industry. I received my degree from the Corcoran School of Art and Design in 1994. My work history includes companies such as The National Academy of Sciences, The Humane Society of the United States, Chevy Chase Bank and Lockheed Martin. I have always enjoyed being creative and love to draw as well.

Having been a designer for as long as I have you start to think about why you create designs. For me, I wanted to know that designs I had created made a difference. Working at OMEGA has given me that opportunity to help families find closure and begin to heal. It allows me to create art that will become the vehicle for families to tell the stories of their loved ones lives.

Chelsea Silverman, Director of Social Marketing

I am a recent graduate from York College of Pennsylvania, where I earned my Bachelor of Art in Graphic Design. After graduating and touring Europe for the first four weeks of summer, I returned to the states and started looking for that dream job. Luck was in my corner when I found Omega Digital Press. I’ve been a Junior Graphic Designer here for almost a year, and recently earned the job title as the Director of Social Marketing.

Corie Beard, Web Development

I'm Corrie and I love to create, whether it's a great meal, a painting, sewing a costume, or organizing a space. If I get an idea I try to make it come to life.

I started doing web and graphic design at age 10 by making my own personal art website and since then I've dabbled in everything from brochures to business cards, to canvas painting and sculpture. My life has always been fueled by art and the motto I live by is "Ars longa, Vita brevis," which means "Art is long, Life is short." I firmly believe that.

I love to laugh and think a good, hearty laugh is the best medicine. I try to make every day fun not only for myself but for those around me.


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